Elm Tree Centre

Where you can refresh and revitalize.



An easy, beautiful drive close to home.


The 'Originals' Loft

The Sculpture Gallery 
    is open by reservation. 
    Thursday - Sunday
    11 am - 8 pm

    We are also taking 
    reservations for Private 
    Special Event Buffets - 
    Valentine's Day, 
    Mother's Day and  
    Father's Day.
Retreat Information
    Private Healing Retreats 
    & Events

    Bed & Breakfast   
    Private Rooms & Suites 

    GPS Directions  
    City:        Milton   
    Street #:  2113    
    Street:     25 Side Road


The 'Originals' Loft
Sculpture Gallery
Show and Sale

Carvings in Wood
& Stone

By Martha Hoey

Saturday, Nov.  8, 2014
11 amó4 pm


  The 'Originals' Loft
   Art and Sculpture 

           Watercolour Paintings

   Angel Making     
  A Workshop in Clay


Cottage Rental

          3 Bedrooms on 
          Lake Rosseau


Clearing Services

Stress Management

      Counselling Services
Highly Sensitive People
      Chronic & Palliative Care

 Stress Management
For Small Animals

     Domestic & Exotic 
      Chronic & Palliative Care
      Office & Home Appts.

  Stress Management 
  For Horses

      Horses,  Horse Facilities

             EFT WorkShop
                 Oct. 19, 2014

  Energy Field Interaction
              Nov. 22, 2014

       Therapeutic Touch

              Level 1 Course
                Nov. 29, 2014