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Nature carved in stone and wood.

Martha Hoey’s distinctive sculptures are the magnificent feature of our gallery. Her 50 years experience started with inheriting her grandfather’s chisels. Since that day Martha has realized her passion and her drive for sculpting.

Martha’s eclectic sculptures have worldwide acclaim, she won 1st and 3rd prize at the 1985 CNE International sculpture show. Her works have been showcased in galleries such as The Beckett Gallery, The Macdonald Stuart Gallery, The Barber Gallery and The Royal Botanical Gardens.

From Alabaster to Rose Quartz, Martha brings life to a wide variety of rare and beautiful stones.

Her carvings in maple, birch, pine and cherry wood show the subtle lines and textures of warm wood grains.

Natural Ontario fieldstones such as limestone and Muskoka granite add character to Martha’s sculptures and your garden.

Please contact us for pricing and more information. Commissioned works available.