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Holistic Healing

Healing Your Mind and Body

Here at Elm Tree Centre you can reconnect to your spirituality and your Soul’s purpose. Rejuvenate with our many holistic healing services, designed specifically for your personal needs. Whether it is a quiet labyrinth walk in the woods or a private session with Martha, we can help. Come and visit Elm Tree Centre where you can relax, refresh and revitalize.

B.M.E. Stress Management addresses the root cause of your physical, mental and emotional stress and helps you create an effective action plan that will support your individual needs.

Therapeutic Touch® is a healing modality that is used worldwide. It is a process that mobilizes the energy field around the body for the purpose of assisting physical, emotional and mental healing.

Spiritual services and life coaching help you get connected to your personal growth.

House clearing services can help to bring comfort to your home and office.

Animal healing services offer a complementary method to veterinary medicine.