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B.M.E. Stress Management

Relief for Body, Mind & Emotional Stress

Body: Panic Attacks-Illness/Injury-Chronic Pain-Immune System Disorders-Migraines-No Energy

Mind: Mental Stress-Depression-No Motivation-Trauma Recall-Overwhelmed-Anxiety

Emotional: Confusion-Fear-Grief-Loss-Anger-Isolation-Highly Sensitive Awareness

B.M.E. Stress Management, at Elm Tree Centre, addresses the root cause of your body-mind-emotional stress and helps you create a long-term action plan that will effectively support your individual needs.

B.M.E. Stress Management helps you to bring stability, confidence and balance into your life. Find a new way to effectively manage your daily challenges and reduce your worries.

Martha provides in-home or hospital sessions for patients and their families to help manage the anxiety of medical procedures, pre and post operative, pain management, emotional pressures, and cancer treatments.

Phone sessions are also available.

Sessions using a Labyrinth as a stress relief tool can be a different approach for those who want to include nature and movement.

“My walk through the Joy Circle labyrinth helped me to recognize the simple miracles in my life. The fresh air and scenery were invigorating” – MLW

Martha offers B.M.E. Stress Management for Highly Sensitive People (HSP), and has created a signature method for managing stress in HSP’s called PACE for Change©. It is a way for people who are over sensitive, to enjoy a better quality of life.