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Spiritual Services

Spiritual Life Coaching

Martha is a creative innovator that reconnects you to your spirituality.

As a spiritual life coach, she provides clients with a way to access their own intuitive information, so that an easier connection with lost loved ones, guardian angels, spirit guides and teachers is more readily available. It creates an expansion of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Discover and bond with your spirit guides, animals and totems.

Find inner peace and guidance with mindful meditation in the woods.

“After my spiritual life coaching sessions, I felt more confident in my decisions and my life overall, highly recommended.” – C.

House Clearing

Martha Hoey has been working in the field of house clearing for 30 years. She has experience clearing negative energy and unwelcome spirits in homes, historical locations, barns and properties for sale.

If you notice any of the following: Uneasy feelings and mood swings, fatigue or illness, children or pets acting out or nervous, pockets of cold or strange odors, unexplained occurrences, or even if your house is stuck on the market. These are all possible signs of negative energy in your home or workplace.

Contact Martha at info@elmtreecentre.com

“Martha was able to clear the energy that was stuck in our 1800’s old stone barn, previously used in the underground railroad. Our horses are now calm and relaxed in their stalls, especially at night.” – S.

“In our picture-perfect new home, we were awakened by voices, footsteps in the night, lights and electronics turning on and off for no reason. Martha came and removed the malevolent spirit from the house. We’ve been happy and healthy ever since.” – R.