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Labyrinths at Elm Tree Centre 

A labyrinth is a sacred set of paths often designed in nature used as a meditation and healing tool for all those who experience it. Walking a labyrinth is a very personal journey that can enhance clarity, bring relaxation and help focus you in your own desired direction. It can be simple and leisurely or a closer journey into yourself and soul.

The Medicine Wheel Vortex Labyrinth

This is an original design inspired by the Hawaiian “Huna” symbol and the medicine wheel of The Ojibway and other Aboriginal tribes. It is located on a convergence of ley lines we call the heart vortex. It is made with 8 concentric stone circles and 8 radiating lines made of cedar rails. This vortex is 1500’ above sea level, it connects with the 8 directions of the compass and has a 360′ view of the horizon.

The Cretan Labyrinth in The Pine Woods

This labyrinth follows an ancient Greek design.  It is a 7-circuit labyrinth, the design dating back to 1230 BC. It is located in our Pine Woods with marked pathways of stone. 

The Joy Circle

This is an original design by Martha Hoey. It has 3 circuits of stones surrounding a center meditation point. 

The Unity Labyrinth

This labyrinth is a stone circle personally designed by Martha Hoey based on the megaliths located in Stonehenge and Avebury England, with a central stone located in an open field adjacent to the pine forest. Ley lines align this labyrinth with the medicine wheel vortex labyrinth located at the heart vortex at the top of the hill.

The Infinity Balance Labyrinth

This is an infinity symbol used for balance before or after walking a labyrinth. It was shown to Martha in nature as two distinct symmetrical circles of grass growing on the hillside. Because of its infinite shape it is a symbol of regeneration.

How to Book Your Labyrinth or Nature Walk?

Please call ahead to book your experience at the Centre and check in at our gift shop before your walk, to sign a waiver and get a map. There is a $10.00 grounds fee per person. Ask about our Group rates.