2113 25 Side Rd, Moffat, ON (directions)
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Property Etiquette

This is a natural farm property, to ensure your own safety please be aware of any dangers in the woods, including irritating plants, both poisonous and non poisonous, wild animals, trip and fall hazards, and insects. Remember this is their habitat and we respect that. We have a site map to help you stay within the property boundaries. Respect all private areas. Hand-held cameras only. Commercial photography requires a permit. Stay on the forested trails. Please do not pick the wild plants. Remember to bring your binoculars and wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear.

PET DISCLAIMER: Elm Tree Centre must be notified prior to bringing your pet. All pets should be leashed. We have dogs of our own so please be respectful. Collect and dispose of all animal waste. Pets must have all vaccinations up to date. Bringing pets is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Elm Tree Centre is not responsible for any loss or injury acquired while on the premises.