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The Artists

Elizabeth Wilkes Hoey OCA

Elizabeth Wilkes Hoey (1915-2012) world-renowned artist and designer. She received her art training from well known artist J. W. Beatie and also at the Ontario College of Art. Throughout her life Elizabeth was a brilliant water colourist. Her poster of Wild Flowers of Canada was distributed by the Globe and Mail in tens of thousands of copies world-wide and she illustrated Edith Fowke’s editions of Folk Songs of Canada and Chansons de Québec.

Elizabeth’s work was exhibited at The Art Gallery of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edwards Gardens, and The Art Gallery of Guelph. On her 90th birthday the Textile Museum of Canada celebrated Elizabeth as a pioneer silkscreen printer and designer. She created hand designed silk screen printed draperies for The University of Toronto, Atlas Steel, Bank of Nova Scotia, Government of Canada and private collectors. Her Trillium design won the John Robarts Award, 1963. She also worked in a variety of media ranging from ‘Angels of Healing’ greeting cards to ceramic tile paintings and creations with feathers.

Martha Hoey B.F.A., B.Ed., R.T.T.P, R.T.

Martha Hoey is a world-renowned artist, sculptor, teacher and healer who comes from a long line of many talented creators.

The Artist

Her artistic career and creative spirit developed from a background in fine art and education. “My sculpting career started when I was given my grandfathers chisels, When I am carving with his tools, I feel like I am carrying on the tradition of our family” – Martha Hoey

Martha has won international awards for her sculptures such as the CNE International Sculpture Competition, Grand Champion 1st and 3rd place awards for sculptures in alabaster and serpentine.

Martha was given a Potters wheel for her tenth birthday and through years of practice became an internationally known potter. Her Early Canadian Reproduction Pottery line is recognized for authentic colour and design and is featured in museums such as Torbram Museum, Dundurn Castle, Schneider House, Ontario Agricultural Museum, Upper Canada Village, Historic Fort George, Historic Fort York, and The Black Creek Pioneer Museum.

The Teacher

In 1964, a strong desire to teach others inspired Martha to host weekend workshops at Elm Tree Centre. She continues to this day with workshops in Therapeutic Touch for people and animals, pottery making, clay angels, labyrinths, and intuitive communication.

Martha is often invited to bring her workshops, motivational speaking and meditations to participate in public festivals and events such as Hillside and The Heart and Stroke Foundations outreach event.

The Healer

Martha is a recognized Therapeutic Touch® Practitioner and Teacher who has 30 years experience in the fields of stress management and Therapeutic Touch. She provides stress and pain relief for individuals, the elderly, small animals and horses.

Martha Hoey has been a B.M.E. Stress Management Counsellor and an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Specialist for 25 years. B.M.E. Stress Management, personally developed by Martha, addresses the root cause of your body-mind-emotional stress and helps you to create a long-term action plan that will effectively support your individual needs.

Katie Hoey-Weston

Resident artist Katie Hoey-Weston is a potter and crafter from a long line of artists. She was personally taught by her mother Martha Hoey, a highly skilled sculptor, potter, and teacher. Being around artistry for 30 years, and actively crafting for 25, has given Katie a deep understanding of pottery, painting and sculpture without formal schooling.

She is known for her weird wonky pottery, crafts, hosting amazing events, and exuberant personality. She spends most of her time keeping the centre’s many gardens, lawns, and pathways looking trim, making pottery, restoring antiques, making crafts, and hanging out with her dogs.